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Test your skills and reaction time in this fast paced tron-esque time trial racer. You must hide, blast, shoot and speed past enemies that are trying to prevent you from reaching your rightful place as first on the leaderboard.

Dron's tracks are based on real-world drone racing locations, designed to test the pilot's skills and reflexes.

Use modern military stealth technology to hide your heat signature and avoid being shot down.


Changelog: 30/08/16 --- Build 1.1

  • New playable drone
  • New game menu
  • New and improved music and sound effects
  • Added ability to look behind using "X" on an xbox controller
  • Improved collision with objects
  • Turrets now visually indicate if they are tracking player
  • Added particle effects to interactions
  • New and improved graphics for the scene as a whole
  • Added guides to give better direction
  • Custom controller support


Dron-1.1.zip 103 MB
DronGame-1.0.zip 132 MB

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